Friday, August 3, 2012

This or That

Happy Friday! Who's excited about the weekend?!?!? I AM!!! I AM!!! I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with my hubby! We have been married 1 year and almost 1 month and I still totally pounce him when he gets home from work because I miss him when he's not here! :o)

Let's flash back to the old myspace days and have some survey fun.

Real milk, nut milk, or soymilk?
Only real milk for this chick.

Swiss or cheddar?
Actually I prefer provolone or mozzarella. Def can't eat swiss due to a traumatic experience when I was little where I had to clean up my little sisters barf after she ate swiss. Ewww!

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?
Ice cream! The low fat/fat free/ low sugar stuff just makes me feel like I'm eating chemicals or air. I need the real stuff.

Milk or dark chocolate?
Milk! I like sweets and dark is just a bit bitter.

Mustard or ketchup?
Ketchup and lots of it.

Banana or apple?

Pepper strips or celery?
Honestly not a fan of either. I like broccoli and mushrooms though.

Hummus or ranch dressing?
Hummus...mmmm! I've never liked Ranch, but I do like Italian and French dressing.

Cake or pie?
This is a tough one.... I really can't decide. I like both. Wait... I have an answer... ice cream cake!

Blueberry or chocolate muffins?
Again, both are super yummy. But, I've gotta go with Chocolate. Speaking of, has anyone tried Dashing Dish's recipe for Triple Chocolate Muffins (They're healthy!)

Spicy, mild, or medium?
All of the above! Especially when it's a Chiptole Burrito.

White or whole wheat bread?
I go with whole wheat most of the time.

Hot or cold cereal?
Cold. What are your favorites?

Almonds or peanuts?

Chocolate chip or chocolate kiss cookies?
Chocolate chip

Sweet, sour, or salty?
Sweet all the way. I'm pretty sure I could live without sour forever.

Shrimp or crab?
Both! Speaking of.... I made Good for you crab stuffed shells the other night that were fabUlous!

Brown or white rice?
I prefer the white in this situation.

French fries or onion rings?
French fries. I am not a fan of onions.

Peppermint or cinnamon?
While I like both, I'm going to go with cinnamon.... especially after I tried Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream after hearing about it from this awesome blogger

Flavored or plain water?
Plain H2O is the way to go for me. Was anyone else every on that flavored water with the sweetener. I was years ago, but then I realized it was causing my belly pain and severe headaches.

Pear or Orange?

Glaze or icing?

Tofu or chicken?
Chicken. I can't do Tofu. I was forced to eat it one time and gagged to the point of nearing throwing up.

Fruit or vegetable salad?

Now it's your turn! Tell me if you like this or that!

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