Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let God spit on you!

That's right. I just told you (and me), to let God spit on you (us)! Yesterday, I heard a homily during mass that spoke right to my heart and I want to share it with you. The priest shared the story from Mark 7. It is about a man who is deaf and could barely talk. People took the man to Jesus and asked  Jesus to heal him. Jesus took the man away from the crowd, so Jesus could be alone with him. Jesus put his fingers in the mans ears and spit on the mans tongue. Jesus said, 'ephphatha,, which means be opened. And, the man was healed. He was fully restored and could hear and talk and see. Our priest pointed out two main points.

1. Jesus took the man away from the crowd so that he could be alone with him. Why did he do this? He wanted to get him away from all the negativity, all of the neighsayers. God wanted him away from the unbelievers and distractions. Jesus wanted him to be solely focused on God and His power.

2. Jesus spit on the man's tongue. Jesus spit on the very problem.,.the man's tongue. Jesus spit on the very thing that was holding the man back. The man was living with this problem, wanted healing, and Jesus spit right on the problem and the man was healed.

So how does this apply to you and me? Well.... I believe that in order to live truly free of all eating disorders, we must rely on God. We must turn from the neighsayers, anyone or anything telling us that we can't recover or that it's too hard to recover. Instead we must turn to God. We must allow God to surround us with his love and with the love and support of other believers. We must choose to go with God. For me, this means I must turn to God rather than other unhealthy blogs. I must turn to God and not look to the media to tell me how to live life. I also need to open up those parts of my life that are holding me back. For the man, it was his tongue.., his inability to speak. For me, it's Ed. My inability to relinquish control and feeling like I always need to control food/my body. I open that area of my life fully to God and I know that he is going to spit on it. He is going to heal me fully. I will be open, for the first time in years. I will be open to living, to life, to God and I know he will transform my life for the better. Som I challenge you to allow God to spit on your problems. What is holding you back?

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