Tuesday, January 15, 2013

God can take away ANY and EVERY pain you feel.

I read this quote today in Beth Moore's, 'Scripture and quotations from Breaking Free'. It said, 'Only God can put the pieces of our heart back together again, close up all the wounds, and bind them with a porpous bandage that protects from infection, yet keeps the heart free to inhale and exhale love.' 

I remember the day my brother, Eric, died so vividly. In fact, sometimes the whole day plays in my mind in 30 seconds and while it's been almost 2 and 1/2 years, in those moments it feels like I am living it all over again.

I remember crying for days...and feeling like my heart had been ripped apart. I remember asking God why he didn't save Eric. I knew that God could have and I asked Him why He didn't. I remember wondering if I would ever be able to go a single day without feeling the pain that pierced my heart deeper than anything ever had before.

As I said, there are days where I relive that pain and in fact, they still come fairly regularly. To be honest, they came while I was writing this and in an instant I was sobbing and my heart ached. But, as Beth Moore said, God can put the pieces of our hearts together again. While I miss Eric and my heart breaks over losing him, God has comforted me and brought me peace. He has healed my shattered heart and brings joyful memories of Eric to my mind regularly. 

No matter what you are going through or have been through, no matter how shattered your heart is, God can put your shattered heart back together. He desperately wants to do that for you. He wantes to bless you and protect you. All you have to do is allow Him to.

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