Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do what scares will free you!'s a word that I longed to become a reality in my life. I wanted freedom from perfectionism, freedom from anorexia, freedom from binging, freedom from negative thoughts, freedom from judgement, freedom from all the heavy chains that weighed me down for years. And you know what.... Today, more than ever I am experiencing that freedom!

For years, literally, I sought the advice of others suffering from eating disorders, therapists, dietitians, friends, family members, pastors, bloggers and of course good ol google. I wanted desperately to know how to find the freedom I longed for. Today, I realize that each and every person was telling me what I needed to do...and they were right...but I was too scared to do any of the things they suggested. Sure, sometimes I would implement a thing or two, but I never fully commit and I usually tweaked their advice.

Recently, I committed to following the advice I've been collecting for years...inspire of fear and this is what is leading me to true freedom. I have been following my dietitians advice. I've been getting rid of 'stinking thinking', I've been praying and reading the bible, I've been working out in moderation- approved by my dietitian, I've been being my own best friend. I am no longer a perfectionist...because no one is...even those who strive to be. Perfection is an endless goal that no one will ever be capable of achieving. Sure, I can be super thin, but I won't be healthy...that's not perfection. I can be really good at math, but I may suck at writing...that's not perfection and that's okay!

So, for anyone out ere that may be speaking answers to how to finally have freedom, here it is... Start following the advice and inner wisdom you already have! That will lead you to true freedom and it's the most beautiful thing you will ever experience!

God bless your,

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